Stereomicroscope - SMZ 645 and 660 From Nikon

The Nikon SMZ 645 and 660 models of stereomicroscope feature a zoom ratio of 6.3x for easy observation of samples at exactly the magnification needed. Click-stops make the zooming knob incredibly simple to adjust in 1x intervals (from 1x to 4x), all without having to look away from your sample. It’s an efficient stereomicroscope for individual use or shared  use in the laboratory. Features include:

  • Large diascopic stands; stage glass is wide enough that even samples in larger Petri dishes can be viewed.
  • Auxiliary Nikon G-ALERG ergonomic objective for optimal eye level positioning and comfortable viewing
  • Auxiliary 0.5x, 0.7x, 1.5x, and 2x stereomicroscope objectives for long working distances and increased efficiency
  • Quick, easy focusing; the Nikon SMZ focus knob is positioned low and within easy reach, so users don’t need to bend or twist their shoulders in order to reach it
  • Airtight joints greatly reduce maintenance time by preventing contamination
  • Nikon Anti-mold features protect sensitive components and ensure longer instrument life
  • Antistatic feature; static buildup is discharged immediately to prevent sample damage; optional ESD stage plate is available for increased anti-static effect
  • Streamlined, ergonomically designed base simplifies sample handling;  the SMZ 645 and 660 base has smooth curves and a wide front to let users work in comfort
  • Integrated diopter adjuster in eyepiece – Nikon SMZ 645/660 stereomicroscope series include specially designed eyepieces with built in diopter correction for easier viewing and reduced eyestrain


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Date added: 2015-05-25 13:05:43