Sports Fitness Testing Using The YSI 2300 Analyser

This article has been written by the Department of Sport and Exercise at Teesside University, which has been using the YSI 2300 to monitor blood lactate levels since 2008.

" As the 2012 Olympics approaches we examine the use of the YSI 2300 analyser - measuring and monitoring blood lactate levels in athletes around the UK.

At Teesside University we carry out fitness testing for all levels of ability, seven days a week. Our highly qualified team has a wide level of sport science experience from submaximal, threshold testing and maximal tests (VO2 max tests) to preparing athletes for ultramarathons like the Marathon des Sable.

Dr Matt Weston runs the University's sport science service which is fully accredited by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. The service has three world-class, fully equipped exercise labs to do testing specific to an athlete's sport - running, cycling, rowing or swimming. From aspiring sports performers to Olympic or world champion athletes, Teesside offers different levels of service. And with a YSI 2300 analyser installed in 2008, we carry out around 100 lactate tests each day.

At Teesside University we carry out regular sport-specific assessments to measure change over time. Clients include the British Bouldering Team and Sharon Gayter, an ultra-distance runner.

Sharon has run over 300 marathons and more than 100 ultra distance races, including 750km in Athens in 2011. She recently smashed two world records on campus, beating the men's and women's world records for long distance running on a treadmill over seven days (18 hours a day), running 832.57km (517.33 miles). We used the YSI 2300 analyser at regular intervals to monitor her blood lactate levels during her record attempt. View Sharon's video here.

The YSI 2300 glucose and lactate analyser is popular in sports science labs - it's quick, accurate and reliable. And it's simple to use. With its proprietary immobilised enzyme technology, it's the gold standard within its field. "

For more information about the YSI 2300 analyser, please click on the website link from this page.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 12:01:32