Spectrophotometers From Cecil Provide Stability And Accuracy

The Aurius and Super Aurius series of spectrophotometers from Cecil Instruments offer an optical bandwidth of 4 nm and unparalleled accuracy, precision and stability. The perfect solution for quality control laboratories and routine testing, the Aurius and Super Aurius ranges provide a broad range of quantitative techniques and optional wavelength scanning. Full validation procedures are offered in both Visible and UV/Visible versions of the range.

The Super Aurius Series    

Cecil Instruments’ Super Aurius range of spectrophotometers allow for the most exacting analytical applications with a baseline stability of better than ±0.001A/hr and coverage of the 190-1000 nm range of wavelengths with an optical bandwidth of 1.8nm. The highest precision and accuracy are assured through wavelength precision of .1 nm and straylight of only .01%.

User-Friendly Performance

Cecil Instruments is known for making the most complex and demanding jobs simple. With a range of state of the art software and accessories, the Aurius and Super Aurius range are versatile enough to be the spectrophotometers of choice in multi-disciplinary laboratories.

Absorbance Accuracy

With straylight of less than .1%, measurement of three absorbencies can be performed with an error rate of around 1%. Compare this with the error rates of as much as 26% which can result given straylight of .5%.

Six Screen Width Viewing

The curves, scans and other data that these spectrophotometers produce can be scrolled for an extended display width of 550mm – or six screens.

Simple Operation

The large display includes contrast control for better visibility and an intuitive, menu-driven interface which make reprocessing data before printing a breeze.

Software Enhancement By E-SEF

E-SEF - Encoded Software Enhancement Facility - is an important new feature from Cecil Instruments. Optional modular software can be enabled simply by entering the correct code numbers which are available by email, phone or fax. Software can be customized after implementing the spectrophotometers without causing a delay.

Integrated Printers

The models including integrated printers are ideally suited for providing hard copies of time course plots, curves and spectra along with timed and dated reports. External Epson compatible printers can also be used when larger sized high quality plots and quantitative essay documentation are required.

Date added: 2015-05-24 11:42:49