Spectrophotometer single beam solutions from Cecil

The Cecil Series 1000 instruments are high quality, cost effective spectrophotometer single beam solutions which perform to high specifications in the visible and UV ranges. Used by many Colleges, Polytechnics, Universities and small to medium sized businesses, the Series 1000 spectrophotometers are low cost measurement instruments which don’t sacrifice reliability or performance.

User Friendly Operation

The Cecil Series 1000 spectrophotometer single beam instruments are very easy to operate. Using only six programmed operating keys, the Series 1000 is ideal for a variety of experimental applications. Up-down keys with automatic slew rate acceleration make for quick and convenient wavelength selection to .1 nm. Concentration, absorbance and transmittance are all measurable, concentration by using standards or entering a factor.

Self testing and calibration are performed at switch on, automatic filter and lamp selection are coupled to wavelength, providing high stability by eliminating the need to reset the absorbance zero while making extended measurements.

Precision Wavelength Selection

Ultra-precise wavelength selection with readout to .1 nm gives users the reproducibility they need for accuracy, especially on a sloping background.         

Deuterium Lamp Save

Cecil’s Series 1000 spectrophotometer single beam instruments allow the deuterium lamp to be switched off when working with measurements in the visible region, thanks to integrated UV-visible instruments. If a UV wavelength is detected, the lamp automatically switches on; right when it’s needed! The Series 1000’s lamps are guaranteed to last at least 1,500 hours of use and are fitted with usage indicators.

Date added: 2012-05-03 14:23:48