Spectrophotometer With Guided Software and Quick Start Operation

Is it possible that research scientists are getting spoilt? Certainly the question comes to mind when examining the new Biospectrometer from Eppendorf. With a pre-programmed selection of existing procedures, and guided software to minimise errors, the Biospectrometer really is simplicity itself to operate.

This impressively small and compact spectrophotometer packs a whole lot of functionality as well, measuring and recording in the UV and VIS range 200 – 830 nm, for a wide spectrum of biochemical, cell and molecular biology methods. And with a long-life Xenon flash lamp, a large easy-to-read, 5.7-inch display screen and freely selectable wavelengths for future applications, the Biospectrometer looks set to grace many a laboratory for years to come.

However, this is not the full extent of the Biospectrometer’s applicability because in addition to the basic version there is also the Biospectrometer kinetic model. The Biospectrometer kinetic enables the determination of substrate and enzyme kinetics to be made directly in the instrument.

An integrated Peltier element controls the cuvette shaft temperature over a range of +20°C to +42°C, with 0.1°C increments, all without the need for separate accessories. The Biospectrometer kinetic comes with a range of common kinetic procedures pre-programmed although new programmes can be easily added. Also, when used with Eppendorf’s special microliter cuvettes, both the basic and kinetic version allow the minutest volumes to be measured.      

So the question posited early was, with developments like guided software and quick start operation, are research scientists getting spoilt? The answer of course is no - they deserve it.

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:19:58