Solvent Removal Is Effortless With The MiniVap Evaporators

Solvent removal is one of those things which often slows down workflow in the laboratory, forming a bottleneck which forces laboratory personnel to wait for solvents to be evaporated from microplates before the work of analysis or reconstitution using a storage buffer can continue.

The traditional methods of solvent evaporation from microplates such as centrifuges or  vacuum ovens are effective, but simply take too much time to allow efficient workflow and slow down throughput. Porvair Scientific's MiniVap microplate evaporators are designed to resolve this common problem and assist laboratories which deal with a relatively small volume of vials or microplates to speed up solvent removal and streamline the process of microplate sample preparation.

Porvair's sophisticated evaporator head and manifold design makes evaporation faster through injecting heated nitrogen into each well at once time.

The MiniVap is easy to install, easy to use and requires very little maintenance. Installation is as easy as connecting the unit to a gas cylinder or line and plugging it in to a standard outlet. The unit is durable, safe and is compact enough to fit into any fume cupboard. Flow rate, temperature and needle depth may all be manually controlled, allowing operators to optimize solvent removal and reduce drying time compared to vacuum ovens and centrifuges - the MiniVap is capable of evaporating 500 microliters of methanol in under six minutes.

Compatible with all ANSI/SBS format 96 well microplates, the MiniVap can also use an optional 24 vial head from Porvair for rapid, thorough drying of vials as well as plates.

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:12:50