Slide Loader From Prior Offers Many Applications

Prior Scientific is known for their expertise in optical microscopy instruments, automation and other solutions which improve workflow and the accuracy of observational data in the laboratory where microscopy applications are concerned. Their automated microscopy is renowned for incorporating the latest technologies as well as for solutions which increase efficiency in the lab and even advance the state of the art.

One of Prior's advanced microscopy automation solutions is the new PL-200 automatic slide loader. This automated slide loading system is designed to improve on previous slide loading and handling technologies across a wide range of different microscopy applications.

Featuring the ability to accommodate as many as four removable racks, each of which has a 50 slide capacity, the PL-200 offers an impressive total capacity of 200 slides. The system can respond intelligently to a change of these racks in the midst of a run thanks to the system's advanced sensors which monitor the slide racks. When a rack is installed on the PL-200, its unique slide detection system is activated and the location of the slides automatically identified.

Prior has optimized this slide loader system to ensure the highest possible productivity; the PL-200 can perform a complete loading/unloading cycle in only 15 seconds. It's also compatible with an incredible variety of different microscopes - by adding the proper Prior scanning stage, the PL-200 can be easily incorporated into the microscopy system.

Not only can the Prior PL-200 handle slides quickly and efficiency, this system handles your prepared specimen slides with the great care they require. Along with the design of the slide racks which include slide retaining features for safety, other features such as the PL-200's slide gripper's integrated sensors protect slides. If the sensor detects that a slide is absent, the system is stopped and an error message communicated to the operator. If a slide is not properly placed on the stage, scanning will not occur; a sensor detects the placement of slides on the stage. A sensor also detects the slide position relative to the stage to prevent damage to slides through collisions.

Other features of the Prior PL-200 Automatic Slide Loader include:

  • Capacity of 200 slides
  • Rapid load/unload time of 15-25 seconds
  • Compatible with all Prior microscope stages and upright microscope brands including Zeiss, Leica, Olympus and Nikon
  • Compact design minimizes bench top footprint
  • Reliable operation
  • Advanced safety features protect delicate prepared slides
  • Easy integration with Metamorph software and Objective Imaging Surveyor software with TurboScan
  • Optional 1D or 2D bar code reader available


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Date added: 2015-05-25 10:55:56