Single Use Bioreactor Suitable For All Cell Types

Single-use technology is fast becoming a viable, cost-effective, low-environmental-impact option in biopharmaceutical production. The undoubted advantages of faster instalment, low cross-contamination and low maintenance, coupled with the easy configuration of complete process lines, and reduced environmental impact, makes sense for many manufacturers working in this fast moving, continually evolving, field.

The Biostat® RM from Sartorius Group has been carefully designed to anticipate everything that is required for a single use ‘rocking motion' bioreactor. Single or twin rocker versions are available, both providing low shear fluid movement making this single use bioreactor suitable for a very wide range of cell types: mammalian cells (including stem cells), insect cells, plant cells and a number of microbial cells.

Depending on your needs, three different designs are available. The Biostat® RM Basic is a versatile unit for research and development and small scale production.

The Biostat® RM Optical features a control tower connected to the rocking unit, which allows for sophisticated feedback monitoring and control of pH, pO2, temperature and the degree of fluid agitation. The Biostat® RM Perfusion, in addition to the features of the Biostat® RM Optical has two balances and pumps for harvesting and feeding as well as automated perfusion.

These single use bioreactors utilise the disposable Cultibag RM, which means no sterilisation or cleaning in place and production scaled up to 100L. This also makes them suitable suitable for seed cultivation of large-scale bioreactors.

Size and configuration depends on your requirements and the contact layer is made from EVA, which has superb biocompatibility. Cultibags for the Biostat® RM Optical come with the required sensors and the perfusion Cultibag's special membrane optimises cell retention, while maintaining the highest total throughput.

If you want faster set-up and turnaround times and need to eliminate cross contamination, while retaining confidence in your procedures, then it is probably time you considered a single use bioreactor and disposable cultivation bags. Give it some thought, Sartorius certainly have. 

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:47:58