Sieving And Grinding In One Unit

The FRITSCH Vibratory Micro Mill PULVERISETTE 0 is an innovative and versatile product that offers not only efficient laboratory grinding capability, but also sieving functionality within a single unit.

Offering fast, loss-free grinding of brittle, medium-hard and even moist samples, the PULVERISETTE 0 can handle both dry materials and samples in a suspension, making it ideal for both general laboratory grinding needs (including RoHS applications) and also useful for producing homogeneous pastes and emulsions.

This adaptable and flexible mill sees use in a wide variety of fields and applications, including: the preparation of samples for electron microscopy; environmental analysis of soil samples and botanical materials; analysis of tissue, teeth and bone samples in biotech and forensic analysis labs; numerous applications in developing materials technology; and pharmaceutical and clinical applications, such as the development of gels, creams, tablets, ophthalmological agents etc.

By simply incorporating the corresponding FRITSCH sieves, the PULVERISETTE 0 is easily converted to a fully functioning vibratory sieve shaker, allowing for particle size analysis of solids in the range of 32 to 63 micrometres, and suspensions between 20 micrometres and 10 millimetres.

For applications that involve difficult to grind samples such as fatty, soft, oily or other moist materials, FRITSCH also offers the cryo-box: an effective and convenient device that converts your sample to a brittle, easy to grind material by cryogenic freezing with liquid nitrogen. Featuring highly efficient insulation, the FRITSCH cryo-box helps minimise your coolant requirements.

With a modular design capable of combining fast and efficient grinding, convenient sample sieving and cryo-freezing for difficult materials, the FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 0 represents the state of the art in laboratory grinding technology.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:15:16