Porvair Scientific Shallow 96 Well Microplates

The world renowned microplate producer Porvair Sciences now offers a newly designed 96 well sterile shallow well plate made from durable polypropylene which features rounded well bottoms and a very shallow 150 microliter well capacity. The shallower wells and rounded bottoms are designed to allow for more efficient mixing of samples and reagents as well as reducing the costs of reagents through economizing their use. Another advantage of this advanced well plate design is that samples can be positioned closer to analyzers and detection instruments to make enumeration and other analytical applications more efficient.

The new 96 well plates from Porvair are sterile and free of RNA and DNA and are manufactured in clean rooms using the highest quality of ultrapure propylene. Porvair's careful manufacturing and quality control processes ensure that each and every shallow well plate is free of any contaminants which could affect the integrity of samples. Optional sterile lids for Porvair's new 96 well plates are also available in bulk packs to eliminate the need to unwrap each well plate in a safety cabinet; saving valuable time and streamlining laboratory workflow.

Porvair's expertise and in depth understanding of the laboratory and its unique challenges and requirements have made them a trusted name in the fields of pharmaceutical research, genomics, protein purification, proteomics and the life sciences. These new 96 sterile shallow well plates are ample evidence of this experience, designed for compatibility with all microplate washers and readers and automated equipment.

With their new, highly efficient design, these new Porvair 96 well shallow sterile microplates are the perfect solution for high throughput screening applications as well as  the culturing of biological samples including cells,  bacteria and yeasts.

Date added: 2010-01-27 20:38:20