Shaking Incubator

The CERTOMAT BS-1 incubation shaker is the ideal piece of kit for laboratories that need to grow bacteria, yeast, insect and plant cells in a tightly-controlled environment.

This shaking incubator can accurately maintain a temperature from 8 ° C above ambient to 70 ° C, meaning optimum and reliable conditions for the sample being prepared are easily achievable. Its optional integrated cooling unit allows the temperature range to be extended to 10 ° C below ambient temperature.

An optional illumination unit for growth of photosynthetic organisms is also available.

High-level control

The CERMOTAT BS-1 shaking incubator offers the ultimate level of control. It can be programmed to operate for set periods of time at defined ranges of speed, temperature and illumination. This means incredible adaptability and functionality, making the kit ideal for many lab situations and uses.

Five programs, each made up of four steps and one pre-step, can be defined and stored. This reduces set-up time and makes sample growing more productive and replicable to a high level of accuracy. Furthermore, menu language can be selected by the user, ensuring the equipment can be correctly operated by all lab staff.


CERMOTAT BS-1 units can be stacked three high to make the most of precious lab space. And even in this configuration, the shaking incubators run perfectly at maximum speed thanks to the patented adjustable mass compensation system.

Each incubation shaker requires a tray to make it functional. Trays are available in sizes 420 x 420 mm and 800 x 420 mm.


  • Three units stackable without speed reduction
  • Adjustable mass compensation for maximum speed 
  • Fully programmable 
  • Five programs with four steps and one pre-step each 
  • Integrated cooling system optional 
  • Illumination unit optional 
  • Speed of 40 to 400 rpm 
  • Comprehensive alarm system 
  • Stainless steel interior


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Date added: 2015-05-25 10:27:37