High Flow Pumping With Watson-Marlow 520 Series Pumps

Watson-Marlow’s range of high-flow pumps provide a powerful, high performance and tough fluid handling solution for the laboratory or manufacturing environment. The 520 range has the quality and versatility to be the ideal choice for broad spectrum of applications dosing, metering and transferring valuable, viscous, abrasive or corrosive fluids without seals, glands or valves.

Pumps include Watson-Marlow's 520S/RE with LoadSure pumphead for high performance using a tubing element to ensure rapid tube change and long life. A choice of eight tube materials ensures compatibility with most fluids and gives users the ability to change the pumps' duty easily and safely.

Features of the Watson-Marlow 520 range of pumps include:

  • IP31 ingress protection
  • LoadSure pumpheads allow error-free tube changing in under one minute; no specialized skills or training is required
  • Flow rates up to 3.5 litre/min
  • Manual, auto or digital control and flow rate calibration
  • Large, easy to read flow rate/speed display
  • Brushless motors feature 2200:1 turndown
  • Five year warranty

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:11:38