Sample Tracking Software - Stacy Gets The Job Done

LabLogic’s Stacy is a comprehensive sample tracking software solution with capabilities ranging from tracking every part of the flow of samples and compounds through a laboratory or other facility to simply provide full-featured chain of custody reporting and tracking sample and compound storage. The Stacy system is designed to streamline the record keeping process to improve the efficiency of material storage, ordering, receipt, issue and disposal in a single, user friendly system.

Stacy is a system which is immediately familiar to almost all computer users, allowing for an extremely low learning curve, even for those entirely new to the use of any sort of laboratory sample tracking software. The interface is similar to Microsoft Outlook and other familiar MS Office software to put new users at ease and allow them to spend more time using the software to improve workflow and sample tracking rather than in learning the software.  Samples and groups of samples may be moved around a fully user-definable location tree with a simple drag and drop operation.

Not only can the location tree be user defined, but sample types are also completely user-definable, including the entry fields and required data for individual samples. Data can be imported from a spreadsheet or other file import as well as from bar code readers. Transaction types for samples and other materials may vary widely, even day by day; which is why Stacy allows user-defined transaction types to provide the versatility users need. Stacy sample tracking software also integrates seamlessly with LabLogic’s Debra ADME LIMS and can automatically pick up and track samples generated by this software.

Other features of LabLogic’s Stacy sample tracking software include:

  • Complete sample and radioisotope tracking and stock control
  • Fully Configurable license limits can be set by location to track and record the amount of storage, accumulation and disposal of materials over a set time period – warnings can be configured for when limits are either approached or exceeded
  • Interoperability with external LIMS including LabLogic’s Debra LIMS
  • Flexible reporting capabilities
  • RS-232 interface for weight data import from balances
  • GLP compliant (including FDA CFR Part 11 support) sample tracking software

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Date added: 2015-05-25 10:40:41