Sample Grinder Offers Precise Results

Essential to processing in the laboratory, the Mortar grinder Pulerisette 2 is suitable for fine grinding when needed for either the inorganic or organic samples. It can be used dry or in suspensions and for testing materials or for quality control and associated applications.

The sample Grinder Pulverisette is also well suited for creams or pastes that may be used in the laboratory when a homogenization procedure is required, or they must undergo some type of production process. This offers laboratory grinding to an excellent standard.

If you have the need of a fully reproducible grinding condition or short time spans, you're going to get all of those and more with the Pulverisette sample grinder. It provides the perfect means to attain dust free grinding and loss free types of milling - the Pulverisette has a feed size that is 6 to 8 MM long with a quantity of feed that is between 30 and 150 ml. A very miniscule fineness of a grind of 10 -20 µm can be achieved. With a well lit grinding chamber the process of grinding is sufficiently illuminated and a working light is comfortably achieved.

The Mortar cutter grinder PULVERISETTE 2 is among the most popular choices and one of the most frequently used grinders in the pharmaceutical industry. In order to sustain a consistent level of medical production quality, the tablets to be analyzed must be finely ground. This is done in order to distinguish between different elements and quantities of medication within the tablet. Using the sample Grinder PULVERISETTE 2, 10-20 tablets may be ground and processed. The active ingredients are not lost when this takes place since the actual energy is so gently applied.

This means that in a laboratory environment the active ingredients in the tablet will remain stable, allowing for accurate assessment of the product ingredients for quality assurance purposes. Being both accurate and easily cleaned, the Mortar Grinder Pulverisette is always an appropriate laboratory choice for a wide variety of applications.

When your focus on gentle energy grinding and you need a fine powder from which to analyze, you should choose the Mortar Grinder Pulverisette, which offers a fine grind and a very timely and dust free operation within the laboratory.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:19:35