The pH Handbook from SI Analytics is an Invaluable Aid

The measurement of a solution’s pH is something that many scientists will take for granted and quite often that is reflected in a paucity of training for the next generation of users. However, it is not a trivial activity, and it is not an exaggeration to say that the success of an experiment can depend on the proper use and maintenance of the ‘humble’ pH meter.

It is pleasing then to see that SI Analytics have produced a comprehensive handbook to cover all things connected to pH and potentiometry - electrical potential as a technique in chemical analysis. SI Analytics are well equipped to produce such a guide, as they have been in the field of sensor and instrument production for over 75 years, initially as part of SCHOTT AG, and now as a brand of the world-leading Xylem company.

This handbook then is particularly beneficial for anybody starting to use pH meters, it contains a handy index of basic technical terms, as well as a practical reminder to more experienced researchers.

SI Analytics have put a lot of their own expertise, including laboratory findings, into the handbook, making it much more than a simple textbook. References to their own equipment and recommendations for specific applications are particularly useful, as is a table that gives representative examples of different measurement technologies and the recommended areas of use for each.

The content provides a useful introduction to the basics of potentiometry and pH measurement, covering the Nernst equation, electrochemical potential and methods of pH measurement with detailed sections on the structure of pH electrodes, potentiometry of the pH electrode, buffer solutions and safety in pH measurement, measuring equipment and the use maintenance and care of electrodes.

SI Analytic’s pH handbook is a compact, yet information full guide for everybody involved in laboratory work.

To receive a printed copy of the 90-page pH handbook, ideal for your library or as a general reference tool, please send an e-mail with your postal address to Xylem Analytics.

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Date added: 2017-05-18 16:34:57