Rotary Microtome From Nikon

The Nikon SLEE CUT 5062 rotary microtome  offers a high precision, modular and semi-automated system for industrial, research and plastics applications and is ideally suited for paraffin sections.  The CUT 5062’s universal cassette system and a variety of modularly designed accessories makes this instrument exceptionally easy to operate and allows for quick and easy changing of specimens and knives.  Knives can be moved and their angle adjusted and specimen supports changed without altering the basic adjustment.

The semi-automated operation provides significant performance and ease of use gains over manual microtomes, including important advantages in user friendly operation such as automatic advances for trimming as well as motorized advance and return of specimens  in two speeds.

Features of the Nikon SLEE CUT 5062 Rotary Microtome include:

  • Cross roller guides for optimal specimen advance and return
  • Adjustment of section thicknesses ranging from 0.5 µm to 100 µm in defined steps LCD display screen shows cutting speed, expressed  in revolutions per minute LCD display screen shows thickness settings during cutting and trimming applications
  • Trimming size is adjustable in a range from  1 to 300 µm 
  • Clamping knife holder mechanism for easy sliding and precisely guided cutting
  • Specimen sizes of up to 50x50mm (or standard cassette size when using cassette holder)
  • Universal cassette clamp or standard object clamp
  • Section waste tray
  • Dust cover
  • Object orientation unit
  • Knife holder base including choice of standard knife holder or low profile disposable knife holder


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Date added: 2015-05-25 10:45:17