HEL's Reactor Block Offers Flexible Reactor Systems

The HEL group of companies are specialists in process screening, development and optimization as well as experts in the field of reactive hazard assessment. HEL's expertise in all of these fields is on full display in PolyBLOCK, their compact multi-zone reactor block system platform.

This platform is a modular parallel platform for process optimization and screening across a variety of chemistries. The PolyBLOCK is ideal for process screening applications including high throughput screening (along with the HEL LP ChemSCAN), crystallization screening (with HEL's CrystalSCAN) and rapid catalyst screening (with the HEL HP ChemSCAN).

HEL's PolyBLOCK reactor systems are designed for modularity, permitting chemists working in research and development to perform process screening and optimization applications with maximum efficiency. The PolyBLOCK reactor block system permits these applications to be changed along with the requirements of the particular application. These systems are easily extensible to add functionality including pH control, liquid dosing and handling, turbidity and more - the HEL PolyBLOCK is  quite simply a future-proof system.

The PolyBLOCK reactor systems is compatible with many different reactors: test tubes, reaction tubes, HPLC vials, high pressure vessels and custom reactor vessels, among others. Volumes from as low as 2 ml to 500 ml are supported.

Features of the HEL PolyBLOCK multi-zone reaction platform include:

  • Temperature range of -60°C to 250°C
  • Individual temperature control for each of the PolyBLOCK's temperature zones (up to 100 degrees Celsius difference between zones)
  • Compact size to reduce the footprint of the PolyBLOCK reactor block in limited fumehood space
  • Interchangeable vessel inserts allow new experiments to be set up quickly and easily
  • A range of versatile adapters permit the use of existing and custom vessels with the PolyBLOCK with ease
  • Key experiment parameters can be data logged and retrieved later
  • Fully PC-controllable for unattended operation
  • Modular design and upgrades make the PolyBLOCK reactor systems a truly future-proof device
  • Powerful mixing action allows scalable data which accurately represents large scale reactors
  • Independent agitation control for each zone, with speeds between 250 rpm and 1,500 rpm
  • Custom inerting and refluxing head allows for convenient condensation of as many as 56 samples
  • User friendly software provides an easy learning curve and maximizes ease of use


To find out more about the HEL reactor block and reactor systems, please click on a relevant icon from this page.

You can also find information about the HEL laboratory reactor and bench reactor systems.

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