Radiopharmaceutical Quality Control Just Got Easier

Nuclear medicine, in particular Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Single-photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), continues to be a rapidly growing field; important both for research and diagnostics. The blossoming of these imaging techniques, and associated radiochemical and radiopharmaceutical applications, has driven the requirement for specialised high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) and thin layer chromatography (TLC) analytical instrumentation, designed with radiochemistry in mind.

Lablogic, innovative commercial partners in radiopharmaceutical research for over 30 years, now produces a wide range of analysis equipment to address your laboratory's particular synthesis, research and radiopharmaceutical quality control needs.

If you require a radio HPLC detector that combines functionality and versatility, and innovative design features such as PDA data collection via a Bluetooth link, in a compact affordable instrument, then Lablogic's Flow-RAM is the perfect choice. It features a comprehensive display screen, USB connectivity for data collection, control and power and 5 part 2" lead shielding.

A range of detectors (e.g. NaI/PMT, plastic scintillator/PMT, well type NaI/PMT and pin diode) is available and as it is possible to connect two detectors at the same time, with independent operation, the Flow-RAM can become effectively two instruments in one. This flexibility is developed further in Lablogic's Scan-RAM - a comprehensive radiochemical analysis package with a remarkably small footprint.

The Scan-RAM is both a radio HPLC detector and a radio TLC scanner and because it also has dual detector capabilities it again means both operations - TLC scanning and HPLC detection - can take place simultaneously and independently of each other.

This capability makes the Scan-RAM an obvious space and money saving choice for those novices starting to use the nuclear imaging modalities, and related radiochemical techniques, as well as for ‘upgrading' practitioners. The Scan-RAM also features USB connectivity, an information-packed front-end display, a Bluetooth wireless link and the lead collimator is readily adjusted for resolution and sensitivity optimisation.

Lablogic's Posi-RAM has been developed specifically to aid in PET Metabolite profiling. This technique has taken advantage of advances in the production of radio chemicals, principally involving the β+ emitters 11C and 18F, which permits the synthesis of more and more complicated, metabolically-active molecules enabling subsequent metabolite investigation.

Given what is involved (short half-lives, involved isolation procedures etc) time is never on your side, which means that accurate low level β+ counting becomes a must. This is where the Posi-RAM comes into its own; allowing detection and quantification of metabolite signals that would be lost in the ‘background' of other instruments. And or course all the instruments are supported by the Lablogic's Laura software, that has become an industry standard, and the Lablogic expertise that comes from over 30 years working with customers in more than 46 countries.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:45:05