Radio HPLC Detector From Lablogic

LabLogic has more than a quarter century of experience in the design and manufacture of radio HPLC instruments, experience which you can see in the new ß-RAM model 5 RHPLC detector, the 5th generation of LabLogic’s industry leading Radio HPLC detector. Previous generations of new ß-RAM RHPLC instruments are in use in many thousands of laboratories all over the world and the new model is quickly being adopted with enthusiasm by current users and new ones alike; a testament to the reputation the ß-RAM has established as providing the highest sensitivity, accuracy and reliability users need in a radio chromatography measurement.

The new ß-RAM model 5 is a versatile instrument which can be configured to meet the demands of virtually any radio HPLC application. Along with the sophisticated Laura data system, the ß-RAM model 5 provides the most advanced RHPLC solution on the market today. For nearly two decades, Laura has been the industry standard for radio chromatography software, with control capabilities for many of the most common HPLC and radio chromatography systems, offering laboratories a single control for the entire RPHLC analysis process.

The new ß-RAM model 5 has been designed to address the challenges of new advances in liquid chromatography technologies. The latest generation of the ß-RAM RHPLC detector features low dead volume fittings, mixing components and tubing which has been optimized for low flow rates t permit optimal definition and peak shape, with flow cells in volumes from 5ul up provide the highest standards radio HPLC detection performance under even the most exacting requirements.  Always known for having the lowest background of any RHPLC detector, the new ß-RAM model 5 has made further improvements, including sub-second update tomes to provide the highest accuracy results with tighter peaks than ever before.

Other features of the new ß-RAM model 5 include:

  • Stop Flow feature eliminates the need for expensive, lengthy liquid scintillation counting procedures for low level samples; radiochemical measurements can be made at precise user-defined thresholds and measurement levels when this feature is combined with Laura software
  • Active Counting Mode (ACM) assures optimal results through dynamic adjustment of run conditions in radio HPLC measurement applications
  • Bluetooth and USB data export and control interfaces
  • Compact ergonomic design for small footprint and user comfort
  • Reduced dead volume
  • New and improved drip tray and leak detection functionality

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Date added: 2015-05-25 10:37:58