Radiation Monitoring Devices From Lablogic

In a climate that sometimes wrongly disparages overzealous ‘Health and Safety' the importance of efficient and effective radiation monitoring can never be overemphasised. ‘Safety First' is not just a truism. It is fortunate then that Lablogic, with their Tracerco radiation contamination monitors, have produced a range of radiation monitoring devices that are a joy to use. Simple to operate, sturdy, with clear backlit viewing screens, Tracerco radiation detectors will address all you personal, laboratory and field radiation detection requirements.

If you are out and about and need to reach difficult surfaces, drains and crevices - in fact any awkward- to-check areas, you will benefit from the features offered by the T401 and T403 Radiation Contamination Monitors. In addition to the expected Lablogic reliability, durability and know-how the T403 features a detachable radiation probe cable that extends to an impressive 10 meters; the T401 features a more modest, but very useful 1.5 meters.

The probe can rotate 90 degrees for measuring internal surfaces and there is even an extension arm attachment available designed especially with pipework and sub-floor spaces in mind. Add to this automatic conversion to Bq/cm2 for 14+ pre programmed, natural and man-made nuclides and you have an extremely sophisticated radiation monitoring device in one lightweight, shock and drop proof package.

If your requirement is for a radiation dose rate monitor then you will get the same satisfying Lablogic functionality with the Tracerco T402, which features a peak rate dose memory that enables maximum exposure levels to be recorded, as well as a simple-to-read bar graph display. The Tracerco T406 extends the range of Lablogic radiation monitoring devices to include X Ray detection.

The same Lablogic design considerations - its water resistance and hygienic clean lines make it suitable for a range of industries such as food production and preparation, health care and security - are found in conjunction with a detection range down to 17KeV. A measurement facility makes use of the accuracy of the T406 to enable leaks to not just be monitored but located as well.

Personal safety cannot be neglected either, of course, which is where the T404 Personal Electronic Dosimeter steps in. This simple to use device can be worn in a number of ways, thanks to the ‘flippable' screen, and features four different alarm settings and three measurement modes. Large icons and one-touch operation makes it the ideal choice for both novice and specialist.

It comes as no surprise, given the attention to all aspects of manufacture and use evident in the Tracerco range of radiation monitoring devices, to find that Lablogic are recipients of a Queen's Award for Innovation - well done Lablogic!

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:43:54