Purify Protein Samples In Super Quick Time

If your laboratory needs a simpler method to purify protein samples (for both native and recombinant proteins) then the new Rainin product from Anachem could be the answer. As a subsidiary of world-renowned laboratory instrument manufacturer Mettler-Toledo, these folk know a thing or two about producing high-quality lab products that can help drive efficiency and improve reliability.

Rainin's new PureSpeed Protein Tips produce high concentrations of purified protein, opening up options for efficient downstream functional assays. PureSpeed tips allow users to quickly and effectively purify protein samples through an incorporated affinity resin in the base of the pipette tip, which captures, purifies and enriches the protein sample by bidirectional flow through the tip bed.

This unique flow process represents quite a departure from more traditional methods, and works by repeatedly drawing the protein sample over a low dead-volume packed resin bed. Allowing both greater control over contact time with the resin, and higher binding kinetics, the cycle also incorporates a washing step that helps remove contaminants and, crucially, eliminate false positives. A final low-volume elution stage then produces the required concentrated functional protein.

Rainin PureSpeed Protein Tips are specially designed for the LTS version model of Rainin's E4 XLS electronic pipette. Featuring a dedicated PureSpeed setting, the E4 XLS allows you to purify proteins in super quick time by applying a controlled semi-automated process that both enhances and simplifies the performance of the tip.

As a part of Mettler-Toledo, Anachem is the foremost supplier of specialist liquid handling products for laboratory environments in the Britain and Ireland ... and the company's Rainin pipettes and tips form a major part of their impressive product range. To find out more about protein tips and other related products, click through to the Anachem website where you can arrange a trial or find out more.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:59:54