Pure Laboratory Water For Ion Chromatography System

Ultra pure water is essential to many chemistry analyzers that utilize a liquid system. Merck Millipore has eliminated the concern for purified water with their ICW-3000 water purification system.  This system provides a constant flow of seriously pure water for many systems, but the Dionex Ion Chromatography analyzer stands to benefit even more, due to the clarity and immaculacy of the water it uses.

The precision of Ion Chromatography systems may depend on the purity of the water it utilizes.  Ultrapure water can make all the difference of the accuracy of these chemistry analysis systems, as contaminants and particulates can be detrimental to the overall performance.

The ICW-3000 provides a continuous flow of this super-pure water for many other processes.  Reagent mixing or control make up can be affected by filtered water systems, so ultra pure water may be the answer to issues regarding repeatable results.

Eluents used is IC systems must be free of any contaminants, as the reproducibility of results must be achieved for the tests to be considered viable.  The ICW-3000 can provide an excellent supply of laboratory pure water for this purpose, and eluent bottle filling is no longer at risk for dust or mineral contamination and buildup.

Merck Millipore has been an industry leader for the development of progressive instruments and scientific equipment for the biosciences and pharmaceutical markets.  Their background as high-tech developers of more efficient manufacturing techniques has made them a World leader in collaboration to aid in the resolution of many human health problems worldwide.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:07:12