Protein Crystallisation Is Fully Automated With mosquito

In my childhood one was often encouraged to ‘think big' - I always thought small. My favourite book was ‘The Borrowers', about the adventures of the tiny people who make a living borrowing things in our houses; my favourite Superhero was ‘The Atom' and I loved jigsaws, as long as they had really, really small pieces. Gadgets? I still can't get enough, if they are full of functions and can fit in a matchbox of course. Small rules, OK?

So did I get excited when I heard about the mosquito® desktop liquid handling portfolio from TTP labtech? Absolutely! Here we have an instrument of such fidelity and efficiency that it can give you the precise nanolitre pipetting (down to 25 nL) you need for difficult techniques like protein crystallisation - time and time again. And pipetting here means not just solutions, but solvents and suspensions too with accurate placement and no splashing, over a wide range of different liquid viscosities - and all automated.

The positive placement pipettes offer great accuracy and their wide bore decreases the risk of blockage or damage to cell suspensions. Yet they are disposable; pipettes actually come on a reel, which holds 36000, but can be changed in 2 minutes. Multi-aspirating and dispensing, the mosquito® is the answer to all your accurate pipetting problems and comes configured to address your particular liquid handling needs.

TTP labtech's mosquito® Crystal and LCP are the protein crystallographer's choice because you can use smaller amounts of precious protein, allowing more extensive screening whilst saving money! And the full range of protein crystallisation techniques can be automated: sitting drop, hanging drop, microbatch, in addition to microseeding and additive screen plate preparation - all without any requirement for set-up changes. Incredibly, with mosquito® Crystal you can create several multi-component drops per well, even in sophisticated 96 well hanging-drop set-ups permitting the simultaneous measurement of different protein concentrations.

The Mosquito® LCP, (Lipid Cubic Phase) addresses the difficult problems inherent with membrane protein purification and crystallisation. Structural integrity of proteins during these procedures is only maintained by the use of viscous detergents and lipids, necessitating the accurate low volume dispensation and pipette positioning that the mosquito excels in.

Plus there is the mosquito® HTS, designed to make high throughput screening simple, with assay miniaturisation leading to significant reagent savings and hence savings in costs as well. While the ‘hit picking' system of the mosquito® X1 means that hit confirmation and secondary profiling following high-throughput screening assays is greatly simplified.

So the mosquito® liquid handling system from TTP labtech is the choice for protein crystallisation plus a whole lot more.

And did I mention that the whole instrument fits on a desktop? I did? Never mind, I'm sure they are working on a matchbox version as well.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:51:13