Processing Of Tomatoes Is Not a Rotten Science

It is not just dramatically challenged actors who live in fear of the rotten tomato!  Although theirs might be the more immediate in terms of feedback, there is no doubt that by allowing your own tomatoes to ‘go off’ you are risking much greater criticism from your customers as well as costly delays in production. 

Fortunately for the many food manufactures that utilise tomatoes (and also other produce) in their products, the YSI 2950 Analyser is at hand to ensure there is always an easy way to guarantee that the tomato is at the peak of perfection.

The recently launched 2950 analyser takes YSI’s renowned proprietary immobilised enzyme electrode technology and ramps it up with new features like an integrated autosampler, anti-clogging, flexible sampling and connectivity, and an icon-driven touch screen.

Configurable with 3 sensor modules the YSI 2950 Analyser can measure up to six chemistries from a growing list that includes choline, ethanol, glucose, glutamate, glutamine, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide, lactate, lactose, galactose, xylose, methanol and sucrose - Plus ISE measurement of ammonia and potassium.

For tomato processing industries the two analyte concentrations of importance are ethanol and lactate. This is because these are indicators of tomato spoilage caused by the presence of lactobacillus, which degrades both the condition and flavour of tomatoes.

While more old-fashioned ‘traditional’ methods may take days to pick up these indicators, the YSI 2950 Analyser does the job in under a minute. The savings from a single early detection of spoilage can, in themselves, be enough to pay for the instrument.

Of course the same logic applies to many other facets of the food processing and manufacturing industries as well as other markets, such as biofuel and biotechnology. Each of these is now valuing the efficiencies offered by fast, reliable and accurate easy-to-perform analysis. And the number of applications is continuing to expand as further chemistries are continually added to the YSI 2950’s repertoire.

Sound economics and happy customers, that’s no rotten tomatoes for YSI then!

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:16:25