Precision Balance Range Is A Real Winner

It is tempting to regard the standard bench-top balance as the laboratory workhorse that would never be considered for entry into the Weighing Scale Derby. However, as configured by Mettler-Toledo in their precision balances range, these humble bench balances are revealed as thoroughbreds with a considerable pedigree – not just reliable and durable but speedy and elegant too.  

Mettler-Toledo manufactures two families of precision balances, the ‘classic level’ and the ‘excellence level’. All display the attention to detail one would expect from such a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment: intuitive touch screen operation, easy-cleaning pans and streamlined contamination-preventing design, producing quality performance in even the most difficult of conditions. 

The ‘classic’ levels has two ranges: the newclassic ML and the newclassic MS, both featuring proven MonoBloc weighing technology, in a portable balance, for convenience and accuracy at one touch of the easily-operated screen. The MS range also features FACT – fully automated time and temperature-controlled internal adjustment - for even faster settling times and hence increased laboratory productivity. 

The excellence family has three ranges of precision balances: the XA, XP and XS. They all allow full connectivity to peripheral devices and networks and can be quickly integrated into existing systems - via Bluetooth in some instances. Within this comprehensive range you are sure to find exactly the pan size, maximum weight and precision you require, plus chemical resistant housings and overload protection for work in extreme environments. 

Once again though it is the attention to every aspect of design and function in their precision balances that shows Mettler-Toledo’s commitment to ensuring your success. It is not always appreciated how the magnetic force produced by a stirring rod can affect the accuracy of results when weighing, and adding to, solutions.

Mettler-Toledo have addressed and solved this problem by producing a magnetic protection shield weighing pan that blocks the deleterious effects of the stirring bar, by removing the influence of its magnetic field. Similarly pragmatic, the ‘magic cube’ draft shield facilitates easy addition of powder and solutions to large tare vessels whilst flexible ‘eye-level’ displays makes reading results, while continuing working, simple – as well as freeing up much needed bench space.  

These are the truly the attributes of a thoroughbred – the lowly laboratory workhorse bench-top balance is no more – with Mettler-Toledo precision balances it is a winner every time.  

You can also find the analytical balance range from Mettler-Toledo on labface.

Date added: 2012-06-30 17:54:45