Precision Filling System From Watson-Marlow Flexicon

Watson-Marlow Flexicon has over two decades of experience in the field in aseptic peristaltic filling and capping systems. The company’s commitment to continual improvement of their products has cemented their position as the leader in their industry. 

All Watson-Marlow Flexicon’s products for precision filling are specifically made for use in sterile environments, with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems for filling any test tube, bottle, microtube, vial, eye dropper or other container in research or production facility.

The Watson-Marlow Flexicon FPC50 is a fully automated aseptic filling system which includes filling, plugging and crimp capping capabilities. This is the ideal precision filling system for fluids in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical and research sectors. 

Features of the Watson-Marlow Flexicon FPC50 filling system include:

  • Aseptic filling for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic applications, filling disposables
  • Accuracy of better than ±0.5% with volumes of 0.1ml to 100ml  
  • Available with new DAFPA single-use filling accessories comprising, peristaltic pump tube, filling nozzle and fluid bag
  • Ideally suited for small production runs and clinical trials
  • Easy integration with isolators and laminar flow cabinets
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • No cleaning validation necessary
  • GMP aseptic filling standards compliant
  • Quick, easy handling and changeovers
  • Capping system compatible with 13mm and 20mm rubber stoppers and aluminium caps

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:11:23