Portable Refractometer Range From Cole-Parmer

The ATAGO portable refractometer range from Cole-Parmer are high performance palette style digital refractometers which provide in-lab reliability and accuracy for your on-site measurements. Durable and easy to use, these are refractometers you can take everywhere.

The ATAGO range includes:

The Cole-Parmer WZ-02940-47 Palette Style Digital Refractometer. The fast and accurate concentration measurements and compact, portable design of these refractometers provide make them the ideal for on-site measuring.

Features of this portable refractometer include:

  • Measurement range of 0 -32% Brix
  • Resolution of .1% Brix
  • Accuracy  ±.1% Brix
  • .1 to .3 mL sample volume
  • 3 digit LCD display
  • User-definable scales
  • Water resistant, durable design for use in damp areas
  • Integrated thermistor for automatic temperature compensation
  • Easy calibration with distilled water and included zero-adjustment button
  • Error messages for out of range concentrations/temperatures, standardization errors, inadequate sample volume and low battery power


Other models available include the WZ-02940-49 Palette Style Digital Portable Refractometer, WZ-02940-51, WZ-02940-61, WZ-02940-62, WZ-02940-63

Date added: 2015-05-24 12:15:42