Portable Conductivity Meter

Jenway’s 470 portable conductivity meter is a handheld instrument for conductivity/TDS measurement which provides accurate, reliable results in the laboratory or in the field. The instrument can be calibrated with direct cell constant entry or with standard solutions.

The integrated display can show the operator temperature compensated conductivity or TDS and temperature simultaneously. The 470 meter features automatic selection of the best conductivity /TDS range for optimal resolution. Temperature compensation is performed with a user adjustable temperature coefficient.

Features of the Jenway 470 portable conductivity meter /TDS include:

  • Automatic selection of TDS/conductivity range for optimal resolution
  • –10 to 105°C temperature range
  • .1°C temperature resolution
  • ±0.5°C temperature accuracy
  • 0 – 1999 mS conductivity range
  • 0.01 µS to 1 mS conductivity resolution
  • ±0.5% ±2 digits conductivity accuracy
  • 0 – 19999 g/L TDS range
  • .01 mg/L TDS resolution
  • ±0.5% ±2 digits TDS accuracy
  • .01 to 19.99 cell constant
  • Automatic or manual calibration
  • On board storage of as many as 32 readings
  • Long battery life of 500 hours
  • Mini DIN connector
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Date added: 2015-05-25 10:27:56