High-Performance, Expandable Surface Area and Porosity System

It is always reassuring to find equipment that can grow along with your needs. The ASAP 2460 Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer from Micromeritics is just such an instrument.

At its heart is a high-performance, two-port master control unit. When you require greater throughput, one or two additional two-port auxiliary units can be connected expanding the system to a four-port or six-port analyzer.

This expanded system retains all the advanced features of the master unit. Each port can be operated independently and concurrently. You can load and unload samples as required, regardless of whether the other ports are in an analysis of preparation stage.

Long-term, unattended analysis (up to 60 hours) of high resolution adsorption/desorption isotherms is possible thanks to isothermal jackets and long-duration dewars that ensure a stable thermal profile along sample and saturation pressure tubes. The saturation pressure value may be entered, or measured either continuously or at selected intervals.

Servo control for dosing and evacuation permits a high degree of gas management and speeds data point collection. Up to 5 different nonreactive adsorptives and an additional gas for free space can be connected simultaneously to the analyzer. Each of the analysis ports will accept a wide range of sample tube sizes. Micropore and low surface area krypton options are available.

Intuitive MicroActive software combines user-defined reports with interactively evaluated isotherm data, reducing the time it takes to obtain porosity and surface area results. The graphic interface allows you to select data ranges for direct modeling of BET, Langmuir, t-Plot, DFT interpretation, and new advanced NLDFT methods.

MicroActive also features a utility that allows overlays of a mercury porosimetry pore-size distribution with a pore size distribution calculated from gas adsorption isotherms. With the Python language interface you can develop extensions to the ASAP 2460 report library. 

The ASAP 2460 pressure table allows you to change the volume dose increment, pressure increment, and the equilibrium interval time between data points. It is possible to collect a detailed isotherm from data points recorded after a specifically defined gas dosing, relative pressure increase, or after changing both values. An ingenious dashboard monitors and provides real-time access to instrument performance and maintenance scheduling.

The ASAP 2460 Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer, therefore, can give you enormous flexibility, as well as all the accuracy, precision, and reliability you would expect from Micromeritics.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:21:35