Porosimetry Analyzer From Micromeritics

The ASAP 2020 Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry Analyzer incorporates a stable volumetric principle to produce top quality data to facilitate research and quality control operations. The options that you can select from include a micropore option, a hi-vacuum option, plus a hydrocarbon vapor option. Chemisorption calculates the proportion of metal distribution within the test sample, the relevant metal surface content, the dimensions of the live particles, and how much surface acidity the catalyst materials contain.

The results that the ASAP 2020 porosimetry analyzer produces are used to determine the efficiency, safe use, quality, and profit potential of contemporary materials related work. The information obtained can be used with reliability and certainty by scientists and researchers.

The Chemisorption of Active Surface Areas

Catalysts are employed in a number of circumstances including the manufacture of consumer products and in environmental protection. In order to be able to use catalysts to their fullest potential, it is necessary to gain a complete understanding regarding both the surface structure and THE chemical make-up of the analytical sample.

The data accumulated by chemisorption analysis reveals all of the information needed to be able to analyze any catalyst materials not only through the design process, and the production cycles, but also through the actual usage phase of the end product itself. The way that catalytic activity is measured, is by evaluating the quantities of the reactive gasses released that are then absorbed. The amount of gas absorbed, together with the stoichiometric reaction, is then utilized to work out the metal distribution, the active surface area, crystallite size, and the surface acidity.

Features of the ASAP 2020 porosimetry analyzer:

  • A pair of independently separate vacuum systems that permit both preparation and analysis to be made at the same time.
  • Oil free vacuum cycle that negates any oil contamination.
  • Duplex intelligent degas operation allowing automatic degassing, maintaining controlled temperature time profiles, and an extended cryogen system phase for unmanned analysis
  • 12 gas valves programmed to facilitate automatic pretreatment, backfill, selection of gasses used in analysis, and the facility to link with a mass spectrometer.


The ASAP 2020, like all micromeritic instrumentation, is designed to cope with the very aggressive atmosphere created by chemisorptions analysis. All internal components are made from high grade stainless steel, preventing reactivity and contamination with chemisorptives.

Temperature controlled manifolds, gas lines and detectors facilitate the analysis with condensable vapors. The samples for analysis are prepared within the ASAO 2020 thus preventing the chance of any contamination before the analysis takes place. Sample preparation can take place at high temperature, to a maximum of 1100 deg C, and also at low pressure (<10 -5 mmHg).

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