Porosimetry in High Resolution From Micromeritics

Micrometritcs’ AutoPore IV 9500 Series offers the latest in high resolution mercury porosimetry technologies.  The mercury intrusion method of porosity analysis uses pressure applied to a sample submersed in mercury to measure the size of pores. The size of the pores of a given sample is inversely proportional to the amount of pressure which must be applied in order for mercury to penetrate the sample.

Accurate ultra high resolution measurements of porosity are available with this technique across a range of capillary diameters fro .0003 µm to 360 µm, or five orders of magnitude. This is the equivalent of being able to measure the diameter of a grain of salt and the height of a four story building using the same instrument with equal accuracy.

The AutoPore IV series provides incredibly precise porosimetry which not only offers accurate data on pore sizes but can reveal many of the physical properties of the material being tested. This instrument features packages for reporting and enhanced data reduction, a flexible and easily controllable vacuum system, advanced low and high pressure generation system design and faster pressure ramp rates.

Other features of this porosimetry analyzer include:

  • A choice of two low pressure ports and one high pressure port  - or -  four low  pressure ports and two high pressure ports for higher throughput
  • Enhanced data reduction package including Mayer-Stowe particle size, compressibility, permeability, pore-throat ratio, fractal dimension, tortuosity and more
  • High pressure generation at low noise
  • Provides data resolution better than .1 µL for mercury intrusion and extrusion volumes
  • 33,000 psi and 60,000 psi models available
  • Scanning mode as well as time or rate equilibrated mode operation


Micromeritics brings researchers the latest in porosimetry with the AutoPore IV series, instruments which offer the precise, accurate measurements and quality high resolution data which porosity analysis applications demand.

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:05:05