Plating Solutions Analysis With XRF and EDXRF From Fischer

Every Fischer X-Ray system is capable of performing accurate plating solutions analysis and measurement.

The Fischer XDL is the most popular of the company’s X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) instrument range. The versatility and cost-effectiveness of the XDL have made it a favorite for quality control and materials analysis applications with manufacturers worldwide.

The XDL can measure elements with X-ray mass attenuation coefficients ranging from Aluminum (Z=13) to Uranium (Z=92) with precision. Solids, liquids and pastes can all be measured under ordinary conditions without needing to generate a vacuum. This offers significant savings on the cost of additional equipment, making the Fischer XDL a cost effective plating solutions measurement and analysis instrument as well as a reliable, quick and contact-free one.

Fischer’s WinFTM control software enables the incredible precision and flexibility of these X-ray instruments. The software adds extensive functionality while being user-friendly and requiring no specialized knowledge or sample preparation on the part of the operator. Measurement time is very quick; only about 30 seconds are needed to analyze all metallic ions in a solution, meaning that only a single measurement is needed.

Compare Fischer’s XDL to traditional Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS). This method requires extensive sample preparation and the purchase of a very expensive absorption spectroscopy instrument. Against AAS measurement systems, Fischer’s XDL and other XRF and EDXRF systems for the measurement and analysis of plating solutions represent a significant savings in both fiscal resources and time.

The wide range of applications for Fischer’s X-ray instruments have made them indispensible in applications from research to industrial manufacturing processes. The Helmut Fischer Group’s more than five decades of expertise in developing and manufacturing measurement technologies for coating thickness, plating solutions, materials analysis and testing are
apparent in the Fischer XDL and every other X-ray system produced by the company.

Date added: 2012-05-03 14:44:38