Planetary Ball Mill Offers High Comminution Rate

The PULVERISETTE Planetary Mono Mill is a planetary ball mill with one working station, offering fine grinding of laboratory samples down to < 1 µm. It is also ideal for mixing, homogenising, emulsifying and alloying.

With this universal mill, sample preparation and sample analysis in the laboratory are made considerably quicker and more accurate. Typically used in a wide range of fields and applications, from geology, mineralogy and soil research to nuclear and pharmacy research and the glass and ceramics industry, the PULVERISETTE is a planetary ball mill with one grinding station and an internal unbalance compensation.

The high ball acceleration means a significantly higher comminution rate is achieved when compared to centrifugal ball mills. Furthermore, because comminution takes place in closed vessels, loss-free milling is guaranteed.

All grinding parameters, including time, interval and break times and rotational speed are adjustable via the membrane keyboard.

Grinding bowls for the planetary ball mill are available in nine different materials and three sizes, making the mill universally adaptable to certain situations and materials, with optimum results each time.

With a maximum sample quantity of 225 ml and a maximum feed particle size of 10mm, the PULVERISETTE Planetary Mono Mill can be used for the comminution of many types of materials, from hard to soft, whether dry or in suspension. It is also suitable for brittle samples.

The planetary ball mill comes with a two-year warranty and takes up little space in the lab. Grinding is quick and reproducible and the laboratory mill is easy to operate. For longer grinding durations, cooling can take place with the built-in fan, and when it comes to cleaning, the process is simple.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:36:27