Pipetting Is Precise Across All Channels

RAININ's new Pipet-Lite XLS is the most technically and ergonomically advanced manual multi-channel pipette on the market, making it the ideal choice for any lab. There is no faster-loading multi-channel pipette available, nor one that is easier on the hand or can deliver more precise and consistent sample pickup across all channels.

Quick and easy sample loading

All of the RAININ multi-channel pipettes are equipped with the patented LiteTouch tip system (LTS). This provides a perfect seal and requires minimal force to fit tips, meaning they are easy to eject and load.

A quick, gentle attachment and the positive stop inside the LTS tips will alert the user when the seal is made. This way, samples are loaded evenly every time, making multi-channel pipettes really easy to use and removing the likelihood of error.

Furthermore, the Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer can be added, allowing for quick, hassle-free transfer of samples between different tube and plate formats. This is available in a 6- or eight- channel pipette with adjustable nozzles, making it ideal for genomic, proteomic, tissue culture and cell culture applications. By turning the spacing knob, the user can aspirate samples from micro-centrifuge tubes and dispense them straight into a 24-, 48- or 96-well plate.

World-first: RFID tag

The Pipet-Lite XLS is the world's first pipette to be equipped with an RFID tag.

This unique feature means that pipette inventory can be accurately tracked, and also makes calibration and maintenance easy and efficient, while helping to ensure compliance in regulatory-controlled labs.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 13:17:34