Piezo Focusing Stages Give Fast And Precise Control

Prior Scientific's NanoScanZ range of piezo focusing stages provide never before seen ease of use and performance for applications which demand high precision, rapid Z axis control. The series is designed to be the ideal solution for Z stacking, especially applications using live cell samples and offers an entirely new level of control and speed to confocal microscopy, 3D reconstruction applications and deconvolution.

NanoScanZ  stages offer capabilities beyond those offered by conventional focusing stages, being capable of use with any nosepiece position rather than simply moving one objective lens to prevent any loss of parfocality during use. Both the NanoScanZ 100 and the NanoScanZ 250 feature accuracy and linearity of .5% of travel and interchangeable sample holders for maximum flexibility.

They offer performance which is faster than that provided by objective collars, with movements of any size being completed in less than 20 milliseconds (with the Prior Scientific NanoScanZ 100 - the NanoScanZ 250 can complete any size of movement in less than 10 milliseconds).

Both of these piezo focusing stages feature high precision closed loop feedback and exceptional repeatability (5 nanometers with the Z 100 and 1 nanometer with the Z 250). Integrated USB and RS232 control ports are also featured in both models; and both are compatible with all Prior Scientific motorized stages and ProScan controllers. Easy to read LCD displays make identifying the current position of these stages simple - and since they can be driven by any piezo objective collar software, they're easy to integrate into almost any microscopy application.

Both models of NanoScanZ piezo focusing stages are compatible with a wide range of different sample holders, including slides, petri dishes, well plates and microtitre plates. Optional slide and petri dish holders are also available, as well as adaptors for manual stages from major microscopy equipment manufacturers.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:14:33