Particle Size Analysis System From Malvern

Malvern’s Morphologi G3 is a versatile, fully automated particle size analysis solution which streamlines the entire analytical process, from sample dispersion to data analysis.

The Morphologi G3 goes beyond simply analysis of particle size, providing detailed data on particles and their behavior, including size and shape information in a single measurement process, all with a minimum of operator intervention. This new Malvern particle characterization system also automated microscopy work to save time and can validate other particle sizing methods.

Malvern has introduced a new paradigm with the Morphologi G3 particle sizer; it’s a different kind of automated system for particle size analysis and characterization which provides high quality imaging and important statistical information on particle shape and size.

Features of the Morphologi G3 include:

  • An integrated dry powder sample dispersion system for faster sample preparation and improved measurement repeatability, along with a large wet sample dispersion cell
  • SOPs and methods can be recorded, controlled and transferred globally in a single file for all instrument variables, offering an elegant solution for instrument to instrument reproducibility and eliminating operator error and user bias
  • All images and data measurements are accurate, repeatable and readily validated through automatic calibration in between each particle analysis which is traceable to NPL
  • Particle size analysis and characterization of hundreds of thousands of particles with just one click
  • Particulate filter contamination monitoring: detection, enumeration and size data can be collected and analyzed
  • The Morphologi G3’s user friendly image analysis software provides qualitative and quantitative particle characterization: high quality images of each and every particle can be recorded and viewed for visual verification of agglomerates, foreign particles, broken particles, fines and more. The image analyzer is fully compliant with 21CFR part 11 requirements


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Date added: 2015-05-25 13:04:10