Particle Size Analyser From Micromeritics

The Elzone II 5390 particle size analyser is Micromeritics’ latest particle size analysis instrument. Using the electrical sensing zone technique, the Elzone II can accurately size particles in samples regardless of the shape, color, density or optical properties of the samples. Concentration, mass, size and number of organic and inorganic particles can be determined with high levels of accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility.

The Elzone II 5390 is easy to use, with automated features including start up and shut down routines, calibration, flushing and rinsing and detection and clearing of blockages. Due to the instrument’s sensitivity range, it’s versatile enough to provide high performance as a particle size analyser in research and development labs, quality control and in a wide range of industrial production applications.

Micromeritics has improved on the previous generation of Elzone electrical sensing zone instruments. The new Elzone II incorporates a grease-free connect and disconnect mechanism for the orifice tubes and a Faraday shield to ensure that the detector’s electronics can provide the most accurate results free of external interference. Those upgrading from an older Elzone model will be pleased to learn that the glassware from previous generations are compatible with the Elzone II.

Features of the Elzone II 5390 Particle size Analyser include:

  • User friendly: Automated start up, shut down and run routines
  • Automated or manual calibration for samples containing different shapes or types of particles
  • Automatic blockage detection/clearing
  • Automated flushing/rinsing 
  • Rapid, accurate analysis of samples having heterogeneous optical properties, shapes and densities 
  • Liquids can be analyzed, whether or not their optical properties or viscosity is known
  • A range of conductive liquids can be used without the operator needing to know their optical properties or viscosity
  • Very high resolution 
  • Easy, accurate sample analysis, even with small sample quantities
  • Compact, design and small footprint 
  • Does not require previous knowledge of sample properties (density, refractive index)
  • Integrated statistical analysis and data presentation capabilities
  • Plot overlays for convenient comparison of results with results gathered by means of other analyses or with product standards
  • Micromeritics’ Confirm software (optional) helps ensure particle size analyser operation with full FDA CFR Part 11 compliance

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:04:56