Particle Shape Analyzer Offers Dynamic Results

The new Particle Insight dynamic image analyzer from Particulate Systems is an innovative particle shape analyzer designed for applications where the shape as well as the diameter of the materials being measured is mission critical.

The Particle Insight provides users with as many as 28 shape parameters and real time analysis and reporting of materials suspended in aqueous solutions or organic solvents. With applications in geology, industry and biology, the Particle Insight's one of a kind recirculating sample module and precision high quality optical system are ideal for the analysis of samples ranging in size from 3 to 300 nanometers.

The system quickly and accurately acquires and reports measurements and thanks to its automatic rinse and fill function, the Particle Insight may be operated without active user intervention. The unit offers real time analysis, with images being analyzed immediately as they are captured by the Particle Insight's advanced optics - and data backup can also be done in real time thanks to the system's data mirroring and remote monitoring capabilities.

Built to offer users easy operation without compromising analytical power, the Particle Insight works by suspending sample particles homogenously in carrier fluid which is passed through a flow cell in the optical path of the unit.

The Particle Insight's light source illuminates the cell, with the silhouettes of the samples are imaged and transmitted to a connected PC for real time analysis. Plots and values of up to 28 shape histograms are displayed on screen immediately and updated as results come in; statistics may be printed, displayed or exported to Excel format once the run is complete.

This dynamic particle shape analyzer offers many other features, including compatibility with organic solvents and aqueous solutions, rare event detection which can extract images of individual particles which meet parameters set by the user.

Statistical accuracy is assured through the Particle Insight's multirun sample trending features, unique optic system and sample vessel, lowering operating costs by eliminating the need for sheath fluids and additional optical equipment. The Particle Insight particle shape analyzer is also fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, providing multiple security layers and an audit log which ensures that each and every action is accurately tracked for review as needed.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:19:15