Particle Shape Measurements For Any Lab Environment

Meritics provides a wide range of particle shape and morphology products to help solve many problems in powder handling, such as compactness, flow-ability and separation. As the need to understand these issues is becoming more important, imaging technology is also more commonly used.

Benchtop FlowCAM

The Benchtop FlowCAM is ideally suited to the lab environment. It captures digital images of each particle as it passes by, recording dozens of different measurements.

Available in four different models, it can offer basic imaging through to fluorescence measurement and scatter trigger capabilities. The fully upgradeable chassis fits all potential options and upgrades and computer and monitor are fully self-contained.

Four magnifications are available to accommodate a broad range of sample particle sizes and peristaltic or syringe pumps can be used.

Samples volumes as low as .01 ml can be analysed and the intuitive VisualSpreadsheet software allows for easy-to-read data capture and analysis.

Further options include cross-polarised illumination, 488 or 532nm laser, variable emission filters, colour camera and many different flow cell sizes

Portable FlowCAM

Housed in a rugged case, the Portable FlowCAM has all the features of the Benchtop equipment in a transportable package. This allows particle image data to be collected at remote locations.

The self-contained system has a monitor installed on the case lid, with wireless keyboard and mouse inside. Easy transport is aided by the extendable pull handle.

It can be operated by mains or battery power and has the same magnification options, particle size capabilities, features and options of the Benchtop model.

To find out about the range of particle shape and also pore size products from Meritics, please contact them directly, download a brochure, or visit their website by clicking on one of the main links from this page.

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:17:54