Panasonic Plasma Freezers

Panasonic’s range of plasma freezers, designed to provide steady temperatures as low as -40ºC, provide the perfect preservative environment not just for blood plasma but for fresh and frozen whole blood, vaccines, specimens for diagnosis, enzymes for genetic research, culture media, reagents, test samples and a host of other biomedical materials.

Although they may often be described as plasma or biomedical freezers, the uses of these appliances extend also into industrial areas such as testing compound resins, electronic components and precision devices.

What all of these applications have in common is a need for reliability, high performance, precise control, ease of use, safety and a strong match between the user’s requirements and the freezer’s functions. Ultimately, the user must be assured of a stable, uniform temperature environment for the materials being stored and researched.

Practical features of Panasonic’s biomedical freezers include a capacity sufficient to hold, typically, 280 fresh frozen plasma bags, each holding 300 ml. Exceptionally user friendly, the freezers feature built-in latches on each of their double outer doors which allow quick access to the contents at any time. Calibration is carried out very simply via the freezer’s control panel. Once the materials have been stored, their safety and security are assured by audible and visual alarm systems with a non-volatile memory back-up.

Every shelf within the freezer is equipped with full-height storage containers and is supplied by its own cooling tubes. Use of a direct cooling system helps to ensure temperature control stability.

The model choice includes a variety of dimensions and capacities, as well as choices between upright and chest formats, or between single and double doors. A number of optional features are also available, like remote monitoring and a circular chart recorder.

With such a level of choice, it’s well worth asking Panasonic’s team to advise on which model and specification will best match your particular application.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:20:01