Panasonic Pharmacy Fridges

Pharmacy fridges, drug fridges, vaccine fridges, refrigerators… or even ‘enviro-centers’. Whatever you prefer to call them, these machines are vital to preserving the quality of the materials they store. This is an area in which Panasonic, with its MPR range of pharmacy fridges, has much to offer.

Typical contents of such a fridge might be pharmaceuticals, samples or reagents, all of which may undergo chemical alteration if stored at too high a temperature. By the same token, they may also be altered, structurally, if the temperature becomes too low and has a freezing effect.

A reliable refrigerator which maintains a constant temperature environment is essential not only in medical and pharmaceutical environments but for research purposes and for a variety of industrial applications.

One of the key issues is that the materials and their environment should be brought down to the required temperature quickly and should not be subjected to fluctuations once that temperature has been achieved.

A particular failing of conventional fridges is their defrost cycles, which lead to recurrent warming up of the internal environment. Another is the fact that frequent opening of the fridge, which is to be expected in a clinical situation, raises the temperature.

The specialised refrigeration system and very efficient hermetic compressors used by Panasonic remove those problems. Defrosting without warming is achieved by a unique cycle defrost system, with short defrost cycles which are activated after each compression cycle, while any increase in temperature that results from opening of the doors is rapidly counteracted by the compressor’s powerful cooling.

Panasonic’s expertise and reputation in this field promises high standards in terms of reliability, performance and quality. Users will also appreciate the quietness, user-friendliness and functionality of these products. Each is also equipped with alarms, simple controls and a host of other features that operators will find useful.

There are many sizes, shapes, capacities, formats and options in the Panasonic MPR range, which covers the needs of different users. They include some models which combine a fridge with a freezer that offers temperatures as low as -30ºC. Panasonic’s team will be pleased to advise on which is the best choice for any given situation.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:19:39