Panasonic Cryogenic Freezers

The latest range of cryogenic freezers from Panasonic offers the best solution ever to the problem of preserving tissues and cells semi-permanently without damaging them.

Research shows that by keeping samples at temperature well below the recrystallisation point (which in the case of pure water is -130ºC) the danger of damage from amorphous ice recrystallising, inside or outside the cells, can be avoided.

Panasonic’s freezers maintain an ultra-low -152ºC. What’s more, unlike conventional approaches to extreme freezing, they do not use liquid nitrogen. The advantages of this include avoidance of contamination and of sudden eruptions of liquid. The operational costs of Panasonic’s freezers are also lower compared to those of liquid nitrogen preservation.

The result of Panasonic’s advances is stable, long-term preservation in a vitrified state, with high cell viability.

In practice it has been found that, for example: mixed solutions containing Me2SO and other cryoprotectants will recrystallise at about -115 ºC; cattle sperm cells require a temperature lower than -135ºC for preservation; superconductivity experiments need temperatures of -148ºC or lower. It is clear from discoveries in these and many other applications that there is a wide need for the ability to maintain temperatures of less than -150ºC

Among the many uses suggested for these cryogenic freezers are storage of stem cells and a multitude of other materials needed in life science research, as well industrial applications such as shrink-fitting of industrial components and environmental or stress tests.

The design of the Panasonic cryogenic freezers features an innovative compressor and cascade refrigeration system. Its technology ensures that ultra-low temperature pull-down is achieved reliably and durably, while noise levels are minimised.

Precise temperature control is possible thanks to a microprocessor with an LED digital display. The oil separator is designed for highly efficient performance in maintaining the stability of the ultra-low temperature environment.

A capacity of 128 litres (4.5 cubic feet) is available, which will accommodate 6,500 2 ml vials at the very least, and the inner cabinet is remarkably user-friendly. The freezers are insulated using warp-free, foamed-in-place polyurethane. A further bonus is their CFC-free operation.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:19:23