PCR Workstation For High Contamination Risks

Protection from contamination is an absolute necessity in many molecular biology applications, but particularly in PCR (polymerase chain reaction) processes. PCR workstations use a number of different precautions to prevent contamination risk and protect both samples, and the operator. The Captair Biocap RNA / DNA dynamic enclosure from the Erlab Group combines the most effective of these technologies in a benchtop enclosure specifically designed for applications with a high risk of sample contamination.

Utilising highly-filtered laminar air flow within the enclosure, the Biocap RNA / DNA enclosure helps protect against the introduction of contaminants. Air from the laboratory is drawn in at the top of the unit and put through a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) H14 filter, which removes over 99.995 per cent of particles larger than 0.3 microns. A positive pressure is also maintained within the enclosure, helping to prevent contamination even when the user’s hands and arms enter the enclosure.

In addition to filtration and laminar flow, the Biocap RNA / DNA enclosure also incorporates powerful ultraviolet decontamination of the work surface, the walls of the enclosure and the PCR equipment itself. User safety is a key priority, and the 10 millimetre thick acrylic enclosure protects the operator fully against UV rays. The UV lamp is also designed to switch off automatically if the enclosure door is opened.

Erlab has designed its Biocap RNA / DNA workstation to be simple and straightforward to operate, and the generous (601 x 565 x 600 mm) enclosure can accommodate all available PCR equipment including tube racks, pipettes, thermocyclers and mini-centrifuges. With an impressive air renewal rate of 90 cycles per minute, this PCR workstation is the obvious choice for any lab environment.

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Date added: 2012-12-06 17:27:54