PCR Thermal Cycler Offers Unsurpassed Speed

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) must be reproducible, specific and speedy. The Mastercycler PCR thermal cycler meets all these needs and is unparalleled in its capabilities.

Quick analysis is made possible by the extremely high heating and cooling rates of the Mastercycler pro S. And with Eppendorf's Impulse PCR, a device-driven hot-start function that increases heating rates to 8 degrees C per second, even quicker results can be achieved.

The PCR thermal cycler also features vapo protect technology to reduce evaporation to a minimum. This means concentrations in the PCR master mix remain consistent, so stable and reproducible specificity is enabled. Furthermore, non-specific binding is greatly reduced.

And the Eppendorf Mastercycler pro is also highly flexible, making it the ideal solution for PCR thermal cycling in any situation. The open system fits in to any lab environment, with three block formats, different configurations and the ability to use any plate, tube or strip.

The Mastercycler pro offers the fastest speeds, highest precision, easiest use and absolute reliability for all PCR thermal cycler needs.

Controlling the PCR through one computer is another benefit, with the advanced CycleManager pro software acting as an intuitive user interface. Users can check results and more, within a password-protected program that offers extreme flexibility and customisation.

The PCR thermal cycler software has a range of control and set-up features, including USB connectivity, a Windows-like admin interface, VGA color display, 16MB memory capacity and the ability to operate up to five separate Mastercycler pros.

Date added: 2012-05-03 14:36:12