PCR Microplates From Porvair

Porvair Sciences is a manufacturer of supplies for the scientific and clinical research environment which specializes in high performance PCR microplates which are optimized for specific applications. Known for putting their extensive experience in the field into their products, Porvair Sciences produces a range of products including high quality polymerase chain reaction microplates which are cost effective and offer black alphanumeric printing for well identification at a glance.    

Produced under exacting Class 10,000 clean room conditions and manufactured using medical grade, ultra clean polymers, Porvair Sciences’ the eleven new PCR microplates which  make up this new range are certified to be completely inert (free of DNAse and RNAse enzyme activity) and free of pyrogens to ensure optimal results from PCR testing applications.

The solvent resistant polymers used provide a minimal level of leaching to ensure the highest possible level of sample integrity and sample carryover difficulties have been reduced through the thoughtful well design of these PCR microplates. The meniscus level of liquid samples falls below the surface of the plate, preventing this common problem in the laboratory.

Porvair Sciences’ new range of plates are available in 96 or 384 well designs and in full, half or no skirt formats providing well volumes between 100 and 200 microliters, with a plate suitable for nearly any sequencer or thermocycler available.

Porvair also makes 384 well plates with a working well volume of 30 microliters which are ideally suited for assays in high throughput laboratory environments. The 384 well plates in the new Porvair PCR microplates range are designed to be compatible with robotic systems, with high rigidity materials and a full skirt to reduce pre and post thermal cycling distortion.

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:48:37