Orbital Shaker From Panasonic With speeds up to 500 rpm

Panasonic’s MIR-S100 is a high speed, compact orbital shaker which has a small footprint on the laboratory bench and can be used as a standalone shaker or easily installed for use inside of a MLR plant growth cabinet or Panasonic MIR cooled incubator unit.

The MIR S-100 can operate at speeds of up to 500 rpm while creating little noise or vibrations outside of the unit thanks to its slim design and low center of gravity. It’s an efficient, compact and low noise orbital shaker which is perfect for virtually any laboratory and in a wide range of applications. Gradual acceleration of the shaking routine prevents samples in test tubes or flasks from spilling or foaming while being shaken. Three acceleration speeds are provided with this orbital shaker for finer user control over the process.

A timer with integrated display and control makes the MIR S-100 incredibly easy to use and accidental function selection can be prevented with automatic key locking to avoid operator errors in the lab.

Features of this orbital shaker include:

  • Automatic speed limiting function for out of balance sample loads
  • Flask clips available in sizes from 50ml to 3,000ml
  • Cellular damage, spilling and foaming are reduced with the Panasonic Soft Start system
  • Speed alarm alerts operator when speeds fall short of or exceed the pre-set value 
  • Automatic recovery from power interruptions
  • Motor overload protection detects and automatically stops operation to prevent damage to the motor
  • Integrated digital display and timer with key locking to prevent operator errors
  • Acrylic finished galvanized steel exterior for an easy cleaning and durable orbital shaker

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:26:45