Oligo Synthesis - Custom Oligonucleotide Solutions From TriLink

With more than 13 years of nucleic acid chemistry experience, TriLink leads the industry in terms of expertise and quality. TriLink's dedication to the strictest quality control standards with PAGE, HPLC and/or MS QC analysis ensures users of the highest quality oligonucleotides on the market.

TriLink's specialty is the production of custom oligonucleotides, molecular probes and beacons with multiple modifications, enabled by the company's extensive expertise and their library of quenchers, dyes and modified conjugates, spacers, linkers and bases. This versatility allows TriLink to provide precisely the customized oligonucleotides their client base requires to meet their own requirements.

TriLink's custom oligonucleotides are produced in a scalable process which ensures the highest possible purity every time. Synthesizing high quality oligonucleotide solutions is something which requires skill and experience, not automated systems. TriLink's expertise in oligo synthesis is what makes the company the choice of researchers, biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, oligonucleotide kit supplies and many others around the world.

The flexibility that is TriLink's hallmark means that the company is able to customize their manufacturing processes to ensure that the end product meets the demands of the client's purposes. Processes and materials may be produced under FDA QSR (Quality System Regulations) and ISO 9001:2008 standards as well as FDA 21CFR 820 for ASR manufacturing. Oligonucleotides and other materials are available in quantities of as small as nmoles and in as large as several grams.

TriLink's custom oligonucleotides are guaranteed to meet a minimum standard of 85% purity (higher purity materials are available upon request as needed).

To find out more about Trilink's expertise within targeted oligo synthesis solutions, please click on a link from this page.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:18:02