FAT Analysis is now even Simpler with the ORACLE from CEM

In this health conscious age the analysis of foodstuffs for fat content is even more important. Now, thanks to a major breakthrough in NMR technology, CEM have produced an instrument that can analyse the fat content of any sample in under 30 seconds, without any prior knowledge of its matrix or composition. A capability that is likely to change the way that food is tested throughout the world.

This remarkable piece of equipment, the ORACLE detects the proton signal in fat molecules separate from all other proton sources, such as protein and carbohydrate, and thus does not require method development or extensive calibration.

CEM have verified the ORACLE using over 30 Certified Reference Materials (CRM’s) from Europe and the USA, plus hundreds of other samples outsourced to independent testing laboratories. Comparison of results clearly shows that the ORACLE can achieve a remarkable level of accuracy and precision.

The ORACLE comes with an easy to use, highly responsive, touchscreen interface and can integrate seamlessly with your laboratory information management systems. It comes with an ergonomic barcode scanner to import sample barcodes directly into sample ID for data storage and recall and is therefore suitable for use both in the laboratory and on the production floor and does not require highly trained specialist operators.

So, whatever the foodstuff you need to analyse, from hot dogs and guacamole to crisps and coffee creamer, the ORACLE can produce the results you require in less than 30 seconds. It really is that simple and thanks to its breakthrough NMR technology the ORACLE is not susceptible to the differences in optics and system components that can affect other rapid fat analysers.

Put together with the negation of the need for method development, it means that ORACLE results can achieve an unprecedented level of consistency, wherever you might be and whatever your task.  To find out more about the ORACLE please click on the web link in the right sidebar.

Date added: 2016-12-09 09:27:07