Nuclear Medicine Gamma Counter Offers Great Flexibility

As any branch of medicine, indeed any field at all, grows and becomes more specialised, so a need for more specialised equipment develops. Nuclear medicine is such a burgeoning area of application, both for diagnostics, intervention and research, that there is now a requirement for equipment designed with the particular needs of nuclear medicine in mind.

To this end Lablogic have designed a gamma counter specifically to fit these demands: the ‘Wiper' and ‘Multi-Wiper' range. Lablogic, recognising the divergent nature of nuclear medicine today, also offer the ‘Wiper' and ‘Multi-Wiper' on a number of different platforms; flexibility that ensures you get the dependable, competitively priced, compact gamma counter that best fits your situation.

If your need is for a single detector wipe test/well gamma counter offering 4096-channel analysis for easy isotope identification, with results in DPM, then the ‘Wiper' is your economic, but fully functional choice; identifying wipe test contaminants with a reproducible 12-bit precision.

For greater performance, the ‘Wiper nPhd' is a single well gamma counter, specifically designed with nuclear pharmacies and cyclotrons in mind, offering results in, nCi, μCi, mCi, Bq, KBq  MBq CPM or DPM. The ‘Wiper nPhd' has a test library that can store up to 16 custom tests with volume correction, reverse decay correction and effective background subtraction, ensuring advanced functionality, alongside great ease of use.  

If you require a multi-well gamma counter then the ‘Multi-Wiper' is available with 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 or 10 wells, or in the ‘high energy' version (Multi-Wiper HE) with 1,2 or 3 wells. Both versions offer the same advanced precision engineering as the ‘Wiper' range, ensuring years of trouble-free operation. The ‘Multi-Wiper' wipe-test library allows up to 16 wipe sets to be named (each with a possible 10 locations) and 30 different isotopes can be included.

It is programmed to carry out a range of in-vitro tests including Red Cell Mass, Schilling, Plasma Volume and GFR, with an extensive (32) patient library. While the standard ‘Multi-Wiper' gamma counter can count isotopes up to 1Mev, the ‘Multi-Wiper HE', with heavier shielding and greater stopping power, and larger crystals, can routinely carry out counting up to 2Mev, should you routinely work with higher energy isotopes. 

Lablogic obviously understands the needs of a nuclear medicine laboratory, in all its modern manifestations - you might even say you can ‘count' on them.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:49:33