Motorised Microscope Stage Offers Quality And Reliability

Prior Scientific is renowned for their range of automated microscopy solutions; and the OptiScan II motorised microscope stage is the latest addition to the company's offerings. Designed to provide users with reliable performance in day to day applications at an affordable price, the OptiScan II system provides the flexibility of mix and match shutters, focusing mechanisms, motorized stages and filter wheels to meet user needs and streamline upgrades.

These automatable, motorised stages feature highly precise stepper motors and precision anti-backlash lead screws for a stage which is the most reliable of its type. Models are available in sizes which fit the majority of inverted and upright microscopes; and every OptiScan II motorised microscope stage is compatible with Prior Scientific's range of specimen holders including holders for petri dishes, multiwall plates, glass slides and more.

Prior's one of a kind S-curve acceleration system and semi-adjustable limit switches are included in the Optiscan, making for smooth, rapid positioning. The stage supports step sizes of as small as .1 nanometers for exceptionally precise focus and positioning - and it's just as quick for larger movements, since the focus motor of this model may operate at speeds of as high as 16 revolutions per second.

Prior Scientific's Optiscan II is powered by the ES10 controller. This advanced controller comes with a SDK which includes a wide range of ASCII commands, a comprehensive dll set and a Visual Basic demo program; it's also compatible with most popular image analysis software for easy integration with a variety of applications. Developers may communicate with the Optiscan II controller via its integrated RS232 serial port or USB port.

The ES10 controller can be used to drive as many as three shutters and two filter wheels as well as a focus motor and a motorised microscope stage, all with smooth, incredibly quiet motion.  Regardless of the individual system configuration, the Optiscan II's plug and play capability makes setup quick and easy. 

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:14:04